Hey Chuck
As recorded by Easy Hoes (copyright 1989 by Jeff Krebs)
Tabbed by Jamie Lovinger (jlovinger@federatedinv.com)


 G          C                G            C
hey chuck, yeah I know your down on your luck
    G           C                 G          C   
you can't buy a bottle, you can't even bum a buck
         G                 C         G                   C
well she left you with the kids, and then you rolled the truck
        G            C           G            C   
now you can't find a job and you don't give a ....
   G    C G C
Hey chuck, 
hey chuck
    Am                              C        D
sometimes I don't think that's it's just bad luck
hey chuck.
Hey joe yeah I know you're looking for some blow
and you say that any day now you can pay me back the dough
so slap me on the back come on let's hear your latest joke
but you can't stick around cuz I ain't got any coke
hey joe
|: Am . . . C . . . Am . . . Em . . .  :| Em . . . 

hey sue yeah I know you're feeling kind of blue
you say it's hard to feel good when you screw up everything you do
well maybe it's just another phase you're going through
please don't tell me once again that it's tough being you 
hey sue
If I reach out my hand will you pull me down too, 
hey sue
G . . C | Em . . D | G . . C  | Em . . D |
G . . C | Em . . D | C . Am . | Em . . . | . . . .

Hey friend yeah I know what a strange day it's been
It's good to see your sad face in the mirror once again
All those broken people as if you could mend
Sometimes it's only you that I have a hand to lend
Hey Friend
Sometimes it's just to you that I have a hand to lend
Hey Friend
| Am . . . | C . . . | Am . . . | Em ~ ~

Jamie Lovinger

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