"The Shaking Brave" guitar tab
As recorded by Art Alexakis/Shaking Brave on "Art Alexakis Demography" bootleg
Tabbed by Copper (CopperForever@aol.com)


C     Bb
Hey remember when
    C                     A
The sun shimmered in your hair
C              Bb
As we made our way
                     A      B
Through that acid summer

C     Bb
Hey remember how
    C              A
The sound of glory felt
As our feet fell hard 
       B               A        G      B
To the beat of an acid drummer

When you left it all went gray
I couldn't deal just the same no way
A      G
All my friends said 
E          F
That I was falling apart
They said

F       G                  A
All the colors in my world
Just don't seem quite right
    C           Bb          A
And I call your name in the night
      C           Bb          A    
Baby, I call your name in the night

C       Bb            
Yeah we spoke so cool
C       A
Yeah we rode so blind
               Bb                      A
Never knew the drugs were the problem
               G                B
Never knew the pain was inside

C       Bb
You had long blonde hair
C                 A
Mine was long and dirty brown
C                Bb
Charred mane you set me up
And when you walked away
    G        B
You came and cut me down



A     D   Bb          G
All I see is just the endless truth
C                 D                     Bb
Pale image of the face of a girl that I once knew
A     D    Bb          G
All I need is just the flame that burn
C      D                   Bb
In the heart and mind of a hungry girl
F     A         G
All I need is a hungry girl

C      Bb
I hear all about
    C                    A
The things you do and it brings me down
C                Bb
Burning out in a nowhere life
A                    B                  F         A
While I shake into a brand new sound

G         F        A
Brand new sound
G         F        A
Brand new sound
G         F
Brand new sound

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