What's New? - Update History

21st June 2001 - Added guitar tabs for Bad Connection, Unemployed Boyfriend, Out of My Depth, Rocky Mountain High, The Swing, Carolea, I will buy you a New Life, Trust Fund and Static all tabbed by Hugh Yik. Added bass tabs for Evergleam, Night Train to Memphis and Our Lips are Sealed, tabbed by Lauren Ciechanowski. Added bass tabs for Nehalem, Nervous and Wierd and Trust Fund, tabbed by Marty O'Malley. Added bass tabs for Bad Connection, Loser Makes Good and Sparkle, tabbed by Joel Zimmerman. Added Invisible bass tabbed by Joe. Added Suggestions/Updates for Brown Eyed Girl, Here We Go Again (bass), Loser Makes Good, Slide,  Sunflowers, Why I Don't Believe in God and Unemployed Boyfriend.

21st April 2001. Added Halloween Americana tab (complete with solos!) tabbed by Andrew Beck. Added Everything to Everyone bass tab by Ryan McGrew. There's also a bit of a facelift to the site.

3rd April 2001. Added guitar tabs for Our Lips Are Sealed, Night Train to Memphis (lead) and Static (acoustic) and bass tabs for American Girl, Blondes, Happy Hour, One Hit Wonder and Santa Baby, all tabbed by Lauren Ciechanowski. Added Guitar tab for Crazy Train and Bass tabs for All Fucked Up, Blondes, Crazy Train, Deep In Empty Out, Drunk Again, Halloween Americana, Happy Hour, Here We Go Again, Local God, One Hit Wonder, SFAAM (part 2), Strawberry (live) and Wonderful, all tabbed by Ashton Bailey. Added Bad Connection (bass) tab by DiRt. Added Suggestions for Night Train to Memphis, Twistinside, Pennslyvania Is.. and Unemployed Boyfriend.

15th March 2001. Added 1975, For Pete's Sake, When It All Goes Wrong Again guitar tabs, tabbed by Joe. Added WIAGWA bass tab, by Joe. Added suggestions for Misery Whip and Unemployed Boyfriend.

25th February 2001. Added Evergleam tabs by Kyle Pouliot and Kevin Pish. Added Halloween Americana and Slide bass tabs by Joel Aponte. Added corrections to Amphetamine bass tab. Added suggestions for Evergleam, Sick and Tired, I will buy you a New Life.

30 January 2001. Added Song from an American Movie (part 2), Short Blonde Hair, Sick and Tired, Invisible and The Laughing World, tabbed by me. Added Queen of the Air, tabbed by Kevin Pish, and two Her Brand New Skin tabs, by CJ Minyard and Joesph. Added suggestions for Here We Go Again, Trust Fund, Rock Star and Nervous and Wierd.

22 January 2001. Added Rock Star. Added Why I Don't Believe in God, tabbed by Kyle Pouliot. Added suggestions for AM Radio, Learning How to Smile and Unemployed Boyfriend.

29th December 2000. Added When it all goes Wrong again, Halloween Americana and SFAAM part 2 tabs, tabbed by Hugh Yik. Added Chemical Smile tab by George Kemper, Hateful bass tab by Ashton Bailey & Queen of the Air bass tab by Brian Meryweather.

17th December 2000. Added Babytalk and Slide. Added Night Train to Memphis, tabbed by Jamie Lovinger.Added Amphetamine, One Hit Wonder, Electra Made Me Blind, Evergleam, Fire Maple Song, Everything to Everyone, Why I don't Believe in God, Heartspark Dollarsign, Like a Californian King, Loser Makes Good, Malevolent, Nervous and Wierd, My Sexual Life, Nehalem, Father of Mine, Normal Like You, Pennsylvania Is, Pale Green Stars, Santa Monica, Strawberry, So Much for the Afterglow, Trust Fund, Sunflowers, Summerland, The Twistinside, You Make Me Feel Like A Whore, Blondes, Pacific Wonderland and White Men in Black Suits, all tabbed by Steve Smith. Added suggestions for Misery Whip, Rock Star, Short Blonde Hair, Good Witch of the North and Halloween Americana.

12th December 2000. Added Misery Whip and  Overwhelming in proper tuning. Added The Good Witch of the North by Ken Hansen and The Swing by Jason Davis. Added a Bass tab section and so added Ampetamine, Everything to Everyone, El Distorto de Melodica, I Will Buy You A New Life, Loser Makes Good, Father of Mine, Sin City, Santa Monica, Summerland, You Make Me Feel Like A Whore, The Twistinside, all by Ashton Bailey.

11th December 2000. Added Out of My Depth and All Fucked Up. Added Short Blonde Hair tabbed by Brett Paragow, Rock Star tabbed by Richard Gilbaugh and another Learning How to Smile tab, by C.J. Minyard. Added suggestions for Wonderful, Now That It's Over, Santa Baby and Unemployed Boyfriend.

29th November 2000. Added Southern Girls tab, another Sunflowers tab by C.J. Minyard and another suggestion for Unemployed Boyfriend

14th November 2000. Added another tab of When It All Goes Wrong Again and a tab of Slide, tabbed by Ken Hansen. Added a tab of Like A Californian King, by Kurt Saifert. Added a tab of Carolea, by Ashton Bailey. Added suggestions to Father of Mine, Unemployed Boyfriend and Santa Baby by various people.

26th October 00. Added When It All Goes Wrong Again, tabbed by Kyle Pouliot, another version of I'm on Your Time  tabbed by Hugh Yik and Santa Monica by Adam Dority. Added a completely new tab for Amphetamine and bass tab for Kill Jerry Garcia by Ashton Bailey. Added suggestions for corrections for I will buy you a New Life, Unemployed Boyfriend, Otis Redding, Father of Mine, Here We Go Again from various people.

20th September 00. Added Summerland, by Mark Romano, I'm on Your Time, by Grayson P, Deep In, Empty Out by Ashton Bailey, and another version of Wonderful, tabbed by Hugh Yik.

12th August 00. Added So Much for the Afterglow by Hugh Yik, Harvest by Brett Paragow and another version of Wonderful, tabbed by Paul Ross

18th July 00. Updated Amphetamine with corrections by Ashton Bailey. Corrected the lyrics on the SFAAM #1: Learning How to Smile album tabs

10 Jul 00 - Added Song from an American Movie, Here We Go Again, AM Radio, Brown Eyed Girl (guitar and bass), Learning How to Smile, The Honeymoon Song, Thrift Store Chair, Otis Redding, Unemployed Boyfriend, Annabella's Song (LHTS version), Detroit, Fire Maple Song (Acoustic) and Sin City (a complete version). Added Hateful, One Hit Wonder, You Make Me Feel Like A Whore and Loser Makes Good, tabbed by Ashton Bailey. Added Amphetamine and Sunflowers, tabbed by Hugh Yik. Added Eleanor Young, Kill The Sun, Marrying Kind, tabbed by Jamie Lovinger. Added addition to I Will Buy You A New Life tab, by Buddylv12@aol.com.

22 Jun 00 - Added Now That It's Over

14 Jun 00 - Added Your Genius Hands, tabbed by Ashton Bailey and myself, and Anita Sonic Love. Also a bass tab of I will buy you a new life, by Ashton.

27 May 00 - Added complete Father of Mine guitar and bass tabs, tabbed by Ashton Bailey.

19 May 00 - Added Full Wonderful tab

4 May 00 - Added Wonderful partial tab from Loveline clip

21 April 00 - Added Local God and White Men in Black Suits tabs

7 April 00 - Added Heroin Girl tab, by Ashton Bailey, and Happy Hour tab by Hugh Yik and Jason P

16 February 00 - Added Walk Don't Run tab, by Hugh Yik and myself, and Search and Destroy tab. Added "About Jason" section.

28 August 99 - Added tab of The Boys Are Back In Town, by Adam.

17 July 99 - Added a different tab of the Swing, by Brian Paul Thielhelm and a tab of Sparkle, by Wesley Dolezal.

3 May 99 - Added a different tab of Blondes, by Wesley Dolezal. I fixed the Pocahontas tab and added to the Father of Mine tab.

10 March 99 - Added Pacific Wonderland tab, tabbed by Aaron.

9 February 99 - Added American Girl tab. Fixed and completed Don't Change tab.

29 January 99 - Added ? (The Gay Bar Song) tab.

27 December 98 - Added How Soon is Now? tab.

11 December 98 - Added the Twistinside, tabbed by Wesley Dolezal.

23 November 98 - Added El Distorto De Melodica, Heartspark Dollarsign, Lame, Overwhelming (Studio version) and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer tabs. Fixed Annabella's Song, Father of Mine and Overwhelming (live) tabs.

22 October 98 - Added 13 Years tab, added to IWBYANL tab

5 September 98 - Added Overwhelming (live) Tab.

5 August 98 - Added Speed Racer tab, fixed Nervous and Wierd and Drunk Again tabs.

10 July 98 - Uploaded this site for the first time!

7 July 98 - Wrote Annabellas Song, Blondes and What do I get? tabs. Updated IWBYANL, Everything to Everyone and Sin City tabs.