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If you have any guitar or bass tabs to submit, requests, additions, corrections or comments, e-mail me at jasonsevercleartabs@hotmail.com.
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This site can now pretty much be considered dead. 

For the last couple of years my interest in Everclear has waned, like so many people, including now the band itself. I've changed a lot since I started this site in 1998. I haven't even heard Slow Motion Daydream, and the last Everclear CD I bought was So Much for the Afterglow. I have thoroughly enjoyed working out tabs for songs, but now these aren't the songs I wanna play and so have been relying on other people to put tabs in for this site. I've kept up the site because I enjoyed the site itself, even if I didn't really connect with the songs contained within it.

I have limited access to the internet next year, so it seems like a good time to call it a day. I've updated everything that was still lying in my inbox. I still have the email address above, so if you want to send an email, a tab or maybe even want to offer to host the site, I'll still (eventually) read it. And who knows, if Art releases a solo album, I might even gear up the site again. But for the moment, while nothing's happening, this site is closed. The tabs are still accessible, but hey, mxtabs.net have stolen them all anyway, so you wouldn't be missing much.

So, thanks to all who have contributed over the years, in particular Ashton, but also Hugh, Lauren C, JR, Copper and Zach L. Thanks for visiting.


P.S.  Those ads that Tripod jacked into the top of each page on this site are very annoying and are nothing to do with me. As are the pop-ups. But I digress.


Last Updated: 13th December 2003. Added Nervous and Wierd guitar and I'll be Hating you for Christmas bass tabs from Will Donovan. Added suggestion for the Joker.  

I will post on this page any original Everclear tabs (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano etc), especially those of the songs in the Wanted section below,  that are submitted to me. So if you want to see your tab online, send it in!


  • Tabs, both Guitar and Bass for the New Album
  • ANY Bass tabs
  • Connection (cover) Guitar
  • No Fun (live cover) Guitar
  • Separation (Colorfinger) Guitar
  • The Joker (live cover) Guitar

Welcome to my site. The purpose of this site is to make available to web users the Everclear guitar and bass tabs I have made, fixed or those submitted to me by other people. I hope you enjoy playing these tabs as much as I enjoyed making them. Please do not steal these tabs. You can use these tabs UNADULTERATED (that includes the link at the bottom of each tab) on your own site, as long as you get my and/or the person who tabulated the song's permission. My email address is jasonsevercleartabs@hotmail.com. As a condition of using a tab, you must credit the author for their work and include a link to my site somewhere on your page.

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