What's New? - Latest Updates
All tabs transcribed by Jason P unless otherwise indicated.

26th September 2003. Added New York Times tab, tabbed by JR. Added Hearspark Dollarsign, Heroin Girl, The Honeymoon Song, Overwhelming and Sunflowers bass tabs by Will Donovan. Added Santa Monica and Slow Motion Genius tabs by Andrew Spears. Added Your New Disease bass tab by Chris Harper. Added suggestions to Sick and Tired, Sunshine (that acid summer) and Good Witch of the North. 

27th July 2003. Added New Blue Champion, Your New Disease guitar tabs, tabbed by Will Donovan. Added When It All Goes Wrong Again bass tab, tabbed by Will Donovan. Added suggestions for Santa Monica, Sin City, Sick and Tired and Speed Racer (bass). 

10th May 2003. Added Chrysanthemum tab by me. Added TV Show, New York Times and How to Win Friends and Influence People tabs by JR and a suggestion for Sunshine.

26th March 2003. Added Science Fiction and Sunshine (That Acid Summer) tabs by Craig Johnson. Added Blackjack tab by JR. Added suggestion for Amphetamine.

26th February 2003. Added New Blue Champion tab by J.Barx. Added I wanna die a beautiful Death tab by Hugh Yik. Added AM radio, Now That It's Over and Amphetamine Tabs by JR. Added Shaking Brave tab by Copper.

29th January 2003. Added Volvo-Driving Soccer Mom Tab by JR. Added I want to Die a Beautiful Death, TV Show and Chrysamthemum tabs by Zach Larsen. Added A Beautiful Life tab by Kyle Pouliot. Added Trust Fund (Colorfinger version) tab by Kyle Beidelschies. Added White Noise tab by Hugh Yik.

15th January 2003. Added tab of Misery Whip by JR. Added Malevolent bass tab by Patrick McFadden. Added suggestions for Good Witch of the North guitar and VDSM bass. 

 23rd December 2002. Added tabs for How to Win Friends and Influence People by Hugh Yik and a version of Static by Ashton Bailey and myself. Added suggestions for Brown Eyed Girl and Pale Green Stars (bass).

25th November 2002. Added New York Times and Volvo-Driving Soccer Mom tabs by Hugh Yik and a tab for TV Show, tabbed by "Jimi Hendrix". Added tabs for The Color Pit and Chucklehead's Lament, tabbed by me 

24th October 2002. Updated New York Times tab from Ashton. Added Blackjack tab by "Jimi Hendrix". 

17th October 2002. Added New York Times tab from Ashton. Added suggestion for Pennsylvania is...

25th September 2002.  Guitar and Bass tabs for Blackjack and an update for How to Win Friends and Influence People,  tabbed by Ashton Bailey. Added bass tab for Volvo-Driving Soccer Mom by Copper

9th September 2002. Added How to Win Friends and Influence People Guitar and Bass and a definitive version of Volvo-Driving Soccer Mom, tabbed by Ashton Bailey. Added Chemical Smile, Her Brand New Skin and Lame bass tabs by Copper. Updated Here We Go Again and Crazy Train tabs. Added Suggestions for 1975, Santa Monica and Unemployed Boyfriend.

21th July 2002. Added Crazy Train by Russel Wilkins, a bass tab for Pale Green Stars by Copper. Added suggestions for Heroin Girl, both Song for an American Movie parts, Wonderful and another suggestion for the third chord in Unemployed Boyfriend. 

12th April 2002. Added a two tabs for Volvo Driving Soccer Mom, a new one by Jason Davis and a revised version of Ashton's. Added Bass Tabs for Santa Baby, Pennsylvania Is..., My Sexual Life, Fire Maple Song and Eleanor Young by Copper. Added suggestions for Volvo Driving Soccer Mom and Electra Made Me Blind.

13th March 2002. Added a tab of the snippet of the new song, Volvo-Driving Soccer Mom, that Art played on Rockline last night, tabbed by Ashton Bailey. Added suggestions for Fire Maple Song and Heartspark Dollarsign.

1st February 2002. Added bass tabs for I'm on Your Time, Like a Califonian King, The Boys are Back in Town and an suggestion for the One Hit Wonder bass tab, by Patrick McFadden. Added a great tab of the Rock Star solo by Ehrik. Added a correction for Last Goodbye by Jeff Krebs. Added suggestions for Honeymoon Song, and the word from Art himself on that infernal third chord in Unemployed Boyfriend.

5th January 2002.  Added suggestions for AM Radio, Harvest, Heartspark Dollarsign, Santa Baby and Unemployed Boyfriend.

1st November 2001. Added tab of Hearspark Dollarsign, by Pete Donnell, a Pennsylvania Is... tab by Eric M.. Added bass tabs for Learning How to Smile and The Joker by Patrick McFadden and bass tabs for Your Genius Hands, Sick and Tired and The Laughing World by Marty. Added the start of a Connection tab, by DiRt. Added suggestions for You Make Me Feel Like A Whore and The Joker

13th July 2001. It was the site's third birthday three days ago. Added Pacific Wonderland (complete with solos). Added two Colorfinger tabs (Dog and Tattoos), two Easy Hoes tabs (Hey Chuck and Last Goodbye) and the Shakin' Brave version of Hearspark Dollarsign, all tabbed by Jamie Lovinger.